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Jami'a Kauthari Dunlap
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Jami'a Kauthari Dunlap was born and raised in the East New York section of Brooklyn.  She has been creating hairstyles for 15 years and has been an accredited stylist for over 8 years.

Jami'a has a great passion for hair and takes pride in incorporating her clients' unique desires.  She is able to grasp an understanding of each individual client to ensure their satisfaction.

Jami'a has mastered the art of showing each client how to properly care for their hair. She stays current with techniques for the newest styles by attending various hair show events and engaging in classes.

Above all, Jami'a creates a comfortable environment and incorporates relaxing scalp massages throughout the hair care process.  Kauthari's Visions of Styles is created to make a more beautiful you!
Joseph's Salon   |   6 East 39th Street   |   2nd floor   |   New York, NY 10016   |   T: 917-204-6946